The right choice for your business

Discussing cloud internally often causes many sceptical questions about security. All cloud service providers perceive and thus manage security as part of their core business, which means they are always updated and in sync with the latest security developments.

The advantage of running, for instance, development and testing in the cloud are that these processes get completely separated from the production environment and can, therefore, continue undisturbed.

When an organization properly architects and implements a public cloud, it can provide most of the same benefits found in private clouds, but then also with much faster setup, ease of access and possibility for integrations.

Public Cloud

All our state-of-the-art data centres provide space, power and cooling with reliability and performance that goes beyond industry standards. In addition, multiple City Cloud nodes in different cities allow you to build and maintain a fully redundant infrastructure.

Why are companies shifting to the Public Cloud?

  • Low startup cost
  • Pay-as-you-go model – you pay by the hour for the compute resources you use
  • Right feature to meet security needs – enjoy and manage your environment the way you want to
  • Multi-tenant architecture – a single instance of the software and its support
  • Flexible & Scalable – integration with other Public Cloud services
  • Ease of access – access for partners and customers from anywhere
  • Faster Service setup

Security as a major focus

Datacenters located in Sweden and other places in Europe. Location is guaranteed, TDS using only Karlskrona data centre.

Fail2ban interesting free host intrusion detection system that also has some prevention features. This tool operates by monitoring log files for suspicious events such as failed login attempts, exploits seekings, etc. Firewalls (on servers level in infrastructure).

Security auditing can help assesses and prioritize risk and identify gaps in existing cloud security strategy and programs.

Protection Each customer has own tenant and network

Logical separation on project and customer level

Traffic encryption TLS 1.2, SSL labs A grade

Role-based & permission-based access control – for TDS portal and all Saas application

Two-factor authentication

See our solution: Illustration_Compliant-Cloud_Zones-EN

Meeting regulatory demands is often associated with bureaucracy and slow processes but TDS is living proof that you can be quick, agile, secure and compliant at the same time.