TDS Lobby Show

15/09/2017 Marek Tvrdy 0

Our mission at Tieto DevOps is to continuously improve the existing setup with speed and transparency in order to conveniently deliver towards future. DevOps is […]


21/07/2017 Marek Tvrdy 0

Tieto DevOps Space tools portfolio has been extended from June 2017 about new project management system called EasyProject. It’s a complex system using best practices […]

What is Tieto DevOps Space?

14/07/2017 Marek Tvrdy 0

It’s a self-service for DevOps tooling containing general Project as well as Development, Test, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment tools and environments. Tieto DevOps Space is available as Tieto hosted service on Tieto OneCloud and as public […]