Nordicmind’s Automation & DevOps Tooling Day event was successful!

Automation & DevOps Tooling day of November 14th was successful in Helsinki, Finlandia Hall.

During the DevOps Tooling day visitors had the opportunity to learn more from the Tieto DevOps Space tooling platform and Puppet, Suse, and CyberArk technologies.

DevOps Tooling Day introduced the most relevant DevOps tools, vendors and solution providers across the Nordics. During the day Nordicmind’s partners brought participants up-to-date on technological aspects, and also introduced real life solutions and customer cases.

During the day visitors had great opportunity to meet Tieto’s DevOps consultants and developers and learn more about the Tieto DevOps Space tooling platform and how effective tool chain it is.

Tieto had two presentations during the event, where Tapani Tirkkonen started the day with a presentation of an Efficient DevOps Toolchain and what factors to consider when designing an enterprise level DevOps workflow and toolchain. What is the right balance between total tool freedom and fully predefined toolchain. Other presentations opened more what is the difference between community and enterprise editions, and what is the decision making criteria for choosing either one? And how do the selections impact on DevOps workflow?

Check out also Tapani’s blog post: Forget DevOps – Enterprise level DevOps is here:

In addition to this Niko Herold closed the day with his presentation where he went trough  three concrete use cases of DevOps adoption and how to get started with DevOps journey. Case examples was from global cargo, telco and defense company where he opened what kind of challenges large size organizations can face during their DevOps journey.

During the presentations Niko Herold and Tapani Tirkkonen both agreed that DevOps is much more than just a set of tools or a delivery methodology, and it’s important to ensure there is enough experience and right kind of people available when starting the journey towards DevOps way of working.

Thanks for visiting our stand, DevOps team hope you liked what you saw & heard 🙂

Partners: Tieto, Suse, Puppet, CyberArk, Nordicmind