TDS Lobby Show

Our mission at Tieto DevOps is to continuously improve the existing setup with speed and transparency in order to conveniently deliver towards future.

DevOps is an important concept and critical to Tieto and our customers. It helps us to create value with faster time to market. And in this changing world, there are perhaps three transformational forces that affect this:

  • Shift from products to services – Customers preferences are shifting from physical products, technology to more about the total experience. And we will see physical products and services combining further to be offered as one offering
  •  Efficiency to agility – Traditional industries and established brands with decades of reputation are constantly being disrupted. Efficient brands are giving way to agile, fast competitors or adapting to the changing world
  • Customer Experience – Physical products and software are no longer the differentiators, but the best end user services is where the consumer is in power

There will be demos and presentations related to Tieto DevOps Space.   

September 19th, 2017

Tieto office lobby at Stockholm Wärtahamnen, Helsinki Espoo, and Ostrava

We are providing cold refreshments and hope to provide an interesting session with demos and interaction.